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Default Re: Incognito/Martin.

wow.. So let me get this straight

1) Martin and Icognito were pretty much bros who were having the times of their life
2) Martin probably can't handle the pressure of being an NFL player and starts blaming "locker room culture" as the reason he leaves despite the fact he's just as bad(if not worst) than those meatheads in the lockeroom
3) Leaves team and Icognito is viewed as the main culprit because he's the closest to him and the most outspoken person in the team
4) Martin says nothing to clear Icognito's name as Martin is viewed as the vitim
5) Icognito says wtf did I do can you come out to the media and say the truth
6) Martin ignores because it will make him look even worst now and he'll look like a major ***** to everyone(more so before)

So basically everything opposite of the media was saying

Media was acting like this dude had to get gulf balls shoved up his ass or wasn't allowed to eat with the linemen but instead this dude was banging strippers and going to frat parties. Oh the torture!
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