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Default Re: Incognito/Martin.

Originally Posted by MavsSuperFan
At the very least to me it appears that incognito was under the impression they were friends. And that martin played in to the impression they were friends. Also if he hated martin and/or was racist against martin he wouldnt be inviting martin to party with him. He even talks to him about GTA. Obviously incognito was being friendly towards martin and martin betrayed him imo.

Richie Incognito: you pull any ass last night
Martin: Nah I was too wasted bro lol
Incognito: Hahaha! I was shitty too. Had a blast tho. What u doin today?
Martin: Sitting in James Bond right now, gonna run some errands. Do we have Tuesday off?
Incognito: No. We have Thursday off

That sounds like 2 friends to me.

After the scandal broke.
Incognito: What's up dude Glad to hear Ur ok I'm here if u ever need to talk. I've been through enough shit myself to understand.
Incognito: I miss Ur stinky armpits
Incognito: How u doing buddy? Feeling better?? I miss us
Martin: Wassup man? The worlds gone crazy lol I'm good tho congrats on the win
Incognito: Thanks dude It's unbelievable all the attention this is getting. All that's important is that you feel better and know we miss u dude

It continues on, but incognito comes off as really caring in this exchange.

Edit: at the very least even if martin was secretly offended by how incognito behaved. He should have come to Incognito's defense when the media was portraying him as a racist bully, who was bullying martin because of his race. Also how about at 1 point telling incognito he was being offended, incognito cant read his mind. He just let the media crucify incognito, with accusations he knew were false.

The media was killing incognito. Whitlock called incognito a prison yard bully. People were calling him a racist. Speculating he was intimated by martin's intelligence and hated martin, etc. It turns out he was constantly trying to get martin to party/hang out with him and the rest of the team. It's almost the opposite of what the media was reporting.

I dont think a racist white man would invite a black man to go party with him.
I agree with you that Incognito was under the impression that they were friends. And, I think Martin did everything in his power to make it seem like he was cool and he was a poon-hound.

Like I said in my above posts, I think Martin just felt some peer pressure to act a certain way to fit in. Now, whether he had to put on those fronts to survive in the league... that's debatable. I think if he had just been straight up with these guys and said, "Look, I have nothing against you guys but I'm more of a chill guy who likes to hang out at home most of the time"... I think Incognito would have been cool with that, just based off of what I read and his general demeanor.

Because Martin tried to play the cool guy / party animal, Incognito believed he wanted to be a part of the crew.

In reality, he was just trying to fit in and, being an overly sensitive cat, he took those "*****" and "weirdo" remarks to heart. I can sit here and say the guy is a b!tch or whatever, but I've never walked in his shoes so I'm not going to make a judgement on him as a person.

I completely agree with you that Incognito is not the menace he was being made out to be in the press. He's pretty clearly not racist nor does he seem like a bad guy.

I will say that I've been friends with guys like Incognito -- or at least the way he comes off in the texts -- and they can be a bit overbearing. We've all had those wild friends that love to party and they can wear on you after a while. They're really fun in small doses, in my experiences.

At the end of the day, I see a giant misunderstanding and, like I said, I don't blame either guy unless Martin was truly behind all of the stuff that leaked to the press about Incognito being a bully and a racist (he claims he wasn't). Maybe Martin just confided in the wrong person?

I'm going to wait for it to play out before casting blame. I do feel for Incognito because he has been dragged through the mud and it is pretty clear that he at least truly thought Martin was his friend.
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