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Default Re: 2013 NFL MVP & DMVP Awards.

Kuechly very much deserves it. People are underrating him because he's not a pass-rusher or he doesn't look like Hercules (aka Bowman). But the man has the motor, lateral quickness, speed, instinct/awareness and technique that very few MLB's have...and I'm not talking about this season, I'm talking about ever. His stamina is absolutely insane and he puts in 110% on every single play. He's the heart and soul of a defense that was ranked 1st for 12 total weeks this year. Every single player on Carolina's D will say Luke is their QB on defense.

He definitely deserves the award. 156 tackles, 4 INTs, 10 pass deflections...
With his quickness and play recognition, I have no doubt he could be amongst the sack leaders if he ever to play in a different system and be placed as an OLB.

But I guess people are too fascinated with interceptions and sacks, rather than actually watching film and seeing just how terrific Luke is. There's a reason both Ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher gave him such high praise in the middle of the season and both chose him as the DPOTY after week 15. They both said he reminds them of themselves; they also said the fact that he isn't a showboating loudmouth like Sherman, people don't notice him as much. That's a nail on the head. Also, people act like Luke has too much help. Guess what; Sherman, Bowman and Thomas have just as much if not more help. Players like Quinn, Mathis are getting recognition because they are pass-rushers, so of course their stats will look sexier. Carolina's D has been superb in large part because Kuechly has incredible awareness for a linebacker; he covers ground faster then ANY linebacker in this league. I don't mind if people think Quinn, Mathis or Bowman deserved it more; because that's a legit argument and those guys are terrific. But saying Luke flat out doesn't deserve it just makes YOU sound like a moron who is uneducated about the sport.

Manning should have gotten all 50 1st place votes, what a joke that Brady got 1 of them. Manning had the greatest statistical season of any QB in league history and led his team to more wins than Brady. I don't care about circumstances, when you dominate the game the way Peyton has this season; you should be the anonymous winner.
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