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Default Re: 2013-2014 Observation Deck

I'm actually surprised Roy continued to pursue Vaughn. He always sniffs stuff like this out quickly. It's why he dropped out of the Shabazz race shortly after his visit where he wanted to commit and his dad wouldn't allow him. It's why he didn't even go after the #1 ranked player, at a position of need, in his own backyard in John Wall. It's why he didn't pursue LaMarcus Aldridge, Tyreke Evans, and the other medley of talented basketball players he would have had very good footing with if he entered early enough.

That's why I always held some hope for Vaughn. Why else would Roy still be recruiting him if he didn't think he had a chance and Kaffey wouldn't be an issue? Especially after the whole Larry Drew's mom fiasco.

Vaughn has some baggage and I had questions about how the rotation would work with an extra player, but he would have brought two things UNC doesn't currently have: outside shooting and an alpha scorer mentality.

3pt shooting need not be explained; look at where UNC ranks nationally. The importance of the latter wasn't more evident than last year. James Michael McAdoo and Reggie Bullock are two talented offensive players in their own right and they struggled trying to take the reins of that role. We were getting blown out. Then PJ starts to get increased playing time, he is eventually inserted in the starting lineup, and the season changed from there. PJ wanted to be that guy, was good at being that guy, and it allowed the rest of the players to play in more comfortable roles. The entire team benefited.

Dealing with the same stuff this year, again, because of the PJ deal. At least Paige has stepped up a bit better than either of McAdoo or Bullock did last year. He's still not completely comfortable at being that guy, and it shows.

I also loathe the thought of relying on freshman. Who is to say Pinson doesn't take his lumps most of next year? Or Jackson? Or even Vaughn, if we would have landed him? I just like having the extra insurance in case that happens because it seems to happen frequently lately (Bullock, Hairston, McAdoo, Hicks). What's that Al McGuire quote? The best thing about freshmen is that they become sophomores. Unfortunately we are in a situation where we need at least one of Jackson or Pinson to make an relatively immediate impact. One should be starting, if not both by conference play.

Anyway, that's done and I love the class we have coming in. Just going need one or two players to surprise if we want to be competing.
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