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Default Teams with the brightest future?

San Francisco?
Tampa Bay?

I want to hear who you guys think are the top 2-3 teams heading into the future. I'm talking about young talent at the right positions that will be a power house (or could be a powerhouse with a few additions) into the foreseeable future. Also, what positions do you think those team need to upgrade in order to win the superbowl.

I know Seattle is the easy choice because they are the reigning champions and have a stacked team at every position and are all very young...but I think teams like Carolina and Arizona (with a few upgrades) can easily achieve that level.

Carolina - need to add a strong guard this off-season, a dynamic WR and a shut-down corner.
Arizona - obviously a strong QB/RB duo is needed here, and I think they can be as good as anyone.
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