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Default Re: Teams with the brightest future?

Originally Posted by rhythmic †hesis
San Francisco?
Tampa Bay?

I want to hear who you guys think are the top 2-3 teams heading into the future. I'm talking about young talent at the right positions that will be a power house (or could be a powerhouse with a few additions) into the foreseeable future. Also, what positions do you think those team need to upgrade in order to win the superbowl.

I know Seattle is the easy choice because they are the reigning champions and have a stacked team at every position and are all very young...but I think teams like Carolina and Arizona (with a few upgrades) can easily achieve that level.

Carolina - need to add a strong guard this off-season, a dynamic WR and a shut-down corner.
Arizona - obviously a strong QB/RB duo is needed here, and I think they can be as good as anyone.

The Bengals need a younger secondary, and Dalton to step up. Not many weaknesses on the roster, but we'll see how they adjust to having a new offensive/defense coordinator.

Also, Marvin Lewis has shown an ability to keep the Bengals relevant, but this is the last year of his contact, and with his inability to get them over the hump, they better make some postseason noise this year. Under his leadership, they are never prepared for big games.
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