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Default Re: 2013 College Football Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Balla_Status

ya'll had a good day. allen/noil should make a great duo.

i think usc surprised me the most. i did not see them closing as well as they did. sark and his assistants just killed it. got a dynamic athlete that you can move all over the field, a top safety and top OG. also just built up their o-line in general. not bad for a first year coach w/ sanctions in place. get ready, pac-12. it pains me to say that cuz i'm a trojans hater

disappointment of the day goes to v-tech. i know beamer's always been able to overachieve given the talent but it's time to say he's officially over the hill. a couple 5* recruits from virginia hardly looked their way. they lost another major recruit that was verbally committed to them to fsu. lane stadium is a fun place to play. i think the ACC is better when v-tech is on the up and up. it used to be a place teams just feared playing at night. now it's lost all its luster and they've recruited a #25 team at best? you have completely fallen off the map. not even remotely scary in defense. blacksburg needs some changes.

other disappointment has to be michigan. holy hell, you guys aren't even competing in your conference. i can understand not recruiting well in your own state, but your whole got damn conference? mcdowell could have been the feather in your cap but he went to michigan state, strange LOI and all. meyer and ohio state is bending you over deep. like fvck, i know meyer is a good recruiter but just wtf are you doing? at least try. i don't want to see ohio state get blown out in a NCG again real soon

i think a major reason why ohio state is ranked #3 at some sites is cuz they just fleeced that whole area since apparently everyone else was asleep. of course, they always have a chance to go undefeated in that conference.

fvck ohio state
fvck the trojans
fvck notre dame
fvck the canes
fvck the gators (oh shit, ermon and cook on our side? we already done fvcked you)

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