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Default Re: Vince Carter: The re-imagination of VC

Originally Posted by bk33
Agreed, I hate it when people use the "greatest in franchise history", well it doesn't mean that much when the franchise has no history, should the Magic retire T-Mac? should the Bobcats retire All-time points leader Gerald Wallace? Same goes with Alvin Williams I remember kids here used to say his number should be retired because he played on bum knees

I think I disagree. Not strongly or anything but put it in perspective.

You create tradtions at "some point". You gotta start them sometime or else you never have them.

I am no kid - 40+ - and I would honor both Alvin and MoPete.

I mean the Toronto Maple Leafs have not won "anything" since 1967 and they still retired the jerseys of Doug Gilmor and (marginal hall of famer) Wendel Clarke. Their traditions are based on age of franchise as opposed to actual accomplishments in the last 30 years. Further they will retire Matts Sunden (if they havent already). Matts should be a likely first ballot Hall of Famer but he certainly did not win anything here ! Nor did Bjorge Salming (spelling) and I think they retired his number ??

Toronto Blue Jays have won exactly 2 World Series titles (1992/93) since 1977 and have won little since. They have retired... or at least put on the "wall of fame" far more players and contributors than helped them win those 2 lonely titles. Further some of the guys on the wall of fame will NEVER make it to the Baseball Hall of Fame... NEVER... Dave Steib anyone ?

I mean bottom line is this franchise has nothing in its pockets but a copule of Atlantic division titles... but that does not prohibit honoring of great players / great citizens of past teams.

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