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Default Re: Running the fastbreak

Man, I love playing an up tempo style that emphasizes pushing the ball. I think because you don't see it as often in the modern NBA game people don't tend to look for it when they play in rec leagues, high school, etc. Teams I've played on have always played this type of game because usually we have been outmatched in height, and quick, easy buckets are a great way to stay in those games, not to mention they wear the other team down if they are not use to playing at that pace.

The most important thing for pushing the tempo, at least what I was always taught, was getting the defensive rebound. Get the board than look up for the guy ahead, preferably in the middle of the floor, with guys filling the wings.

Most teams struggle defending it (at least teams I've played) because they are quite happy to saunter back, expecting the opposition to stroll the ball downcourt before getting into an offensive set. That combined with teams usually poor at having good floor spacing (eg. a guy at the top of the key who is at least prepared to work hard back onto D in the case of a leak out), it's surprising how often guys on our teams could cherry pick baskets.

So, have guys committed to getting on the boards, secure the ball, then look ahead - get the ball in the center of the court and have guys fill the wings (also doesn't hurt to have a big guy barreling down the lane as a trailer either).
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