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Default Re: Running the fastbreak

In the last couple years I've taken on a small coaching gig with my best friend, coaching his sons in a local youth basketball program. They're 8 and 6, and play together. It's a real youth community program, so it's an "everyone gets to play a half, and isn't little Johnny doing so good", kind of a league. Not my favorite thing, but it has it's place. Everyone needs a place to start, and it keeps the late bloomers from being completely pushed to the wayside. However my biggest gripe is that in trying to accomadate everyone, they accomadate instead almost no one. We get one one hour practice a week on half a court. It's just useless really.

Anyway. One of the rules at this age is no pressing. Nothing beyond the hash mark of the hoop your going at. It's not something that I'm opposed to, because it keeps the game from turning into a rugby scrum. However a habit it enforces is that kids tend to get the ball, then hold it and wait for everyone to clear out, because it's "safe" back there. Last year I taught outlet passing and had two kids who could push the ball a bit. We scored over 30 a game on 8 minute running quarters with 7 year olds. This year I just haven't been able to get it through to them, and even when I do, I don't really have the ball handlers I did last year. Also we moved up to 9 year olds, skipping a level to try and push my buddy's son, who's genuinely very good. And we're having a hell of a tough season.

Generally I agree. I always try to teach pushing, and then try to reign it in after. It's a delicate balance between going too fast and not fast enough. And the answer isn't always "well I scored". But I find it easier to rev it up and try to bring it back than try to inch it up to where I want it.
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