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Default Re: Incognito/Martin.

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
I don't personally see why anybody should speak up for incognito.. all the vile sh*t he said and did speaks for itself..

it wasn't just texts..he had incidents before martin..

How about the incident with the woman at the golf event? should the woman he harassed speak up in his defense too?

Oh he's just misunderstood

he deserves all that has happened to him.. guy needs to grow the f*ck up
People have went from Incognito is innocent to Incognito is a good guy. I'm not aware yet if he is a bully or not (not everything is out to make a decision) and you can see with the evidence it's almost moving toward not unless something else is out there. HOWEVER he's undoubably an asshole. He got kicked out of two colleges, he has a bunch of incidents, he uses the N word like it's going out of style and he ain't black. He's a ****ing idiot. He might turn out not to be a bully in this incident, but the tide turning where Incognito is the kind of guy you want as a teammate i find ridiculous.
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