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Default Re: Incognito/Martin.

Originally Posted by knickballer
I think we can all agree that Icognito is a douchebad/meathead and someone you'll never want your daughter near a 25 mile radius.

BUT that being said Martin has handled the situation like a total bitch despite the fact he's 6'5 300 lb's+ and plays in a sport where toughness is a main requirement.

Again none of the texts show there was any bullying nor that Icognito was a racist(just makes him out to be a total idiot). We just see texts/pictures of Martin and Icognito hitting up clubs, parties, nailing strippers and what not. We can assume they were friends.

I'm sure alot of the times they were with other teammates as well

I don't think they were ever actually "friends"... I think Martin pretended to be his friend because he was too mentally soft to stand up to the guy

I also think a guy who says "Im gonna shoot you and get away with it because Im white" (in Florida) and uses the N word a lot, is too close to a racist for my liking..

If you just wanna call him an idiot, I wont nitpick it because his race comments aren't the worst part of all the things he's done
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