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Default Re: Incognito/Martin.

Originally Posted by knickballer
I don't know if anyone came out in his defense(although I thought Wallace did) but to be fair no one called him out and no one took Martin's side at all either. Although I don't think any of the players want to take sides and get dragged into this.

Let's not act like Martin is a Saint either.. Besides the obvious strippers/texts/etc, he may have been checked into a drug rehab center. I just think he couldn't handle the pressure of it all and used Icognito as a scapegoat.

But it's still lulzy the apparent "bullying" in a NFL lockeroom.

I agree that Martin is no saint... Its partially his fault this situation became the problem that it has..

I also agree with the laugh at the bullying in the NFL.. I think incognito is a wannabe bully, but I shake my head at Martin for being cowed into such a situation.. No one should be able to bully a grown man if they don't allow it...

I admit it happens in many instances (in and outside the NFL) but the power is in the hands of the person who allows it to happen. Have some courage and stand up for yourself when sh*t is not right...
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