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Default Re: What games will you be getting in 2014?

Originally Posted by outbreak
I really hope don bradmans is done well and gets released soon. A cricket game with myplayer could have me hooked for so long, every year international cricket captain comes out I play the shit out of it, my current save in icc14 is into something like year 2050 now only playing tests.
The CEO of the developer company Big Ant posts on another forum like 24/7. He said it will be no later than a March release for the consoles to coincide with the T20 WC. Have you tried out the Cricket Academy thing they have for download? It's just the nets with The Don batting. It looks and feels really good. You can also make your player now and upload to their servers. People used this thing and uploaded all of the current and past rosters they could think of.

One of the guys on planetcricket broke down the game file to see what's involved, and it looks huuuuge. Should be the best cricket game ever.

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