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Default Re: Incognito/Martin.

Originally Posted by MavsSuperFan
You really got that impression out of the texts?
I totally disagree. To me the texts disprove definitively that incognito is a racist or bullied martin.

1. He continuously tries/pressures martin to go to various clubs/strip joints with him martin. He continuously tries to get martin to have sex with more woman. In what universe does a racist white man try to do that for a black man?

2. He constantly tries to get martin to party with him and the team. He is constantly throughout the texts pressuring martin to go out and party with him. What racist white man has ever tried to get a black man to party with him? If incognito was racist he would be trying to avoid partying with martin imo.

3. at least on some occasions martin went out and he and incognito tried to pick up chicks together. And according to their texts they were rather successful. They even bragged to each other about various woman they ****ed.

Also maybe incognito is insensitive and stupid but he clearly thought of martin as a friend. I dont see how anyone reads those texts knowing that Martin is black and comes away with the impression incognito is a racist.

I disagree that people started with the impression that incognito was innocent. The media basically called him a racist, dumb, bully.

And I agree that incognito is a meathead and probably very violent. But the 2 main accusations were that he was a racist and a bully against martin. That appears untrue based on those texts.

Incognito is definitely a meathead, and based on those texts obviously views woman as objects. Also with the golf incident he is obviously not a guy a woman should be left alone with. So no one is saying he is Ghandi.
People are saying he's a good teammate and a good guy. Literally using those words. not you, but quite a bit of the media has went in that direction. He's not. If he's innocent then yes he deserves vindication but he's a career dipshit which is why he didn't get the initial benefit of the doubt some other players would have.
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