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Default Re: Missouri DE Michael Sam comes out prior to draft

Originally Posted by dude77
the nfl atmosphere is not gay friendly out in the open like that obviously .. this didn't do him any good .. and you'll soon see in the draft .. the gms(who know much more than any of us) are saying it ..

I got your pattern figured out .. you love insulting others when they're right and you're wrong .. keep it comin'

What are you babbling about? Damn you are one stupid individual. Look at what you posted. So you obviously have issues about black males from the inner city. And now you have issues with homosexuals. Its clear as day in how you post here.

As far as nfl not being gay friendly. It is what it is, but as long as you produce on the field? Things you did, you are get swept under the rug. This is a fact. Brandon Marshall a woman beater. No one gives a damn anymore even after espn outside the lines exposed him. He catches footballs and is considered an elite WR in the game. He's producing. Riley Cooper in a used the n word. Nothing was doctored or taken out of context. He said it, and said it to another person of color out of pure rage. Some teammates said they couldn't respect him. Some anonymous league official said he wrote his own death certificate no one is going to pick him up now (it was assumed Eagles would cut him). Video footage of teammates alienating Cooper at practice. Awkward, weird, cringe worthy. Fast forward to today, he comes off a career year and is a free agent. He will be picked up and rewarded financially. Probably by the Eagles. Plenty of scumbags in the NFL.

Players will talk about Michael Sam behind his back about being gay. Much like some of his teammates did at Mizzou. In fact Sam said he sensed on two occasions the rumors swirling on campus last year before he decided to tell his coaches/teammates privately. And at the Senior Combine when a few mentioned it to him. So he took it upon himself to address his sexuality before rumors ran rampant. So I dont see how Sam cant last in the NFL because of his sexuality and someone like Riley Cooper can. As long as he produces him being gay will be swept under the rug just like the other idiots in the NFL.

And lets see during the draft where he goes. 3-5 projected. And what relevance does his Wonderlic score have to do with any of this? Because you disagree with him coming out now he lacks intelligence? Again you post STUPID SHIT HERE, why dont you question your own intelligence jackass.

Nothing you said in your post was "right" it was ignorant babble laced with ASSumptions. Like I said for someone who bags on others intelligence you sure do say dumb shit.
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