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Default Re: What's Cleveland doing?

Originally Posted by Jailblazers7
Don't poke the bear. You are going to bait RBA into writing a series of short stories about the life and career of Lombardi.

Where were we...

Originally Posted by GOBB
What did Lombardi do tho that you would have liked to keep him? Assess his decisions since getting the job.

I haven't agreed with too many of the decisions Lombardi has made since getting the job and I hated his hiring the moment it was announced. I thought it was a dumb move by Haslem and I still think it was a dumb move.

I'm not shaking my head today because Lombardi was any great shakes as team president or because Banner was doing a great job. Fact of the matter, they've both been pretty horrendous.

Still, we are in a constant state of upheaval. That's what is disconcerting. Especially this close to the draft, to replace the top of the front office seems like it might be another recipe for disaster. Or, maybe getting rid of these guys will save us from more bad decisions come draft time. This is a hugely important draft for the Browns. We have seven picks in the first four rounds.

Considering this is a team already with six Pro Bowlers and five All-Pros, it feels like this team is close to being good. One more really good draft with all these picks could put it over-the-top.

But, again, can a franchise be successful with this amount of dysfunction at the top? On the bright side, it isn't as if Ray Farmer is coming in and starting from square one. He's been our top personnel guy since Banner/Lombardi came on board.

The biggest concern is, reportedly, Farmer wasn't even at the meetings with Pettine prior to his being hired, so is this Farmer's guy or are we facing yet another situation where the new GM will eventually want his handpicked guy?

Those are the kinds of problems that come with constant change at the top of the front office.

But, as for Lombardi and Banner? Their short tenure was pretty awful. Banner's refusal to give up any of the power in personnel decisions is probably the main reason none of the big name potentially available coaches even wanted to discuss taking the HC job here.

No love is lost for those fools.

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