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Default Re: What's Cleveland doing?

Again, it's not a terrible move. But the astonishing part is the order in which they've made these decisions.

Now it's being reported that new Browns GM Ray Farmer (who was the Browns assistant GM before being promoted today to GM) wasn't at Mike Pettine's interviews and that Pettine wasn't his first choice for the Head Coaching position.

So now - you have a new GM who doesn't really like the new Head Coach. Could we potentially see another 1 and done coach for the Browns? If Pettine isn't Farmer's guy, then he might fire him as soon as he can.

Again, the order in which Haslam has done these moves is just baffling.

However, Ray Farmer is a highly respected personnel guy and this is probably a very good move for the Browns. But why promote him right after hiring a new Head Coach who wasn't Farmer's first choice? Weird.

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