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Default Re: My NBA 2K14 Fantasy Draft team

I can do one on my computer right now. I'm bored. Will sim the season for the hell of it.

Random team before the draft starts... Let's go with Utah.

They got the 12th pick.

1.12 - Steph Curry
2.42 - Dirk Nowitzki
3-72 - Arron Afflalo
4.101 - Chandler Parsons
5.131 - Omer Asik
6.162 - Taj Gibson
7.192 - Reggie Jackson
8.222 - Tiago Splitter
9.252 - Luc Mbah a Moute
10.282 - Marco Belinelli
11.312 - Steve Blake
12.342 - John Henson

Depth chart (minutes):
Steph Curry (36) / Reggie Jackson (17) / Steve Blake (0)
Arron Afflalo (35) / Marco Belinelli (12)
Chandler Parsons (36) / Luc Mbah a Moute (8)
Dirk Nowitzki (33) / Taj Gibson (15) / John Henson (3)
Omer Asik (33) / Tiago Splitter (12)

-Set all starters to starters. Jackson as sixth man, Gibson and Splitter as role players, Henson as prospect, and all remaining to bench warmer.

-Set 1st scoring option as Dirk, 2nd scoring option as Steph, and left the third as default.
-Set shot selection as extra passes, offensive focus on outside, offensive -rebounding as crash offensive glass.
-Defensive pressure as normal, defensive style as more man, defensive rebounding as leak out.

-Adjusted the playbook stuff a little and did the situationals. Not sure if that matters when you sim. Had a bench, Splitter+Starters, Jackson and Steph backcourt, defensive, 3pt, and scrubs lineups.

-Turned off CPU trading and injures for the fairest way to determine the best draft, imo. I won't make trades. Also turned off the management, trading, stuff for my team so it will sim with what I set with. Hopefully...

Literally on the first sim before the game is even played, somehow Steph is injured... Just gave Reggie Jackson starter minutes and Blake the backup minutes. Injures are set to off, too... Went 4-5 with him injured. He's back to recovering so hopefully the injuries off setting actually works.

OMG, Afflalo now injured. **** it, I'm going to let cpu adjust the rotations and I'll set it back to my minutes if my team makes the playoffs. ****ing game. And i'm getting trade offers. I DO NOT GET WHAT's HAPPENING. Billups and Anthony Randolph for Dirk and Reggie Jackson.

Afflalo comes back and Dirk gets injured. Dirk comes back and Gibson gets injured. Gibson comes back and Dirk gets injured.

Allstar break. 2nd in the West at 34-18. 3rd best overall record.

Asik injured. Reggie Jackson injured.

End of season:
Kevin Durant wins MVP. 25.5/8.8/5.7 .499/.401/.866
Trey Burke wins ROY. 12.7/3.4/6.1 .417/.350/.798
Roy Hibbert wins 6th man. 9.7/6.3/1.1/0.3 steal/1.1 blocks
Joakim Noah wins DPOY. 8.7/10.9/2.8/1.1 steals/2.1 blocks
Thomas Robinson wins MIP. 12.2/9.0/0.6/1.2 steals/1.1 blocks
Tyrone Corbin wins COY.

1st team:
Derrick Rose (28.9/5.2/7.3)
Steph Curry (23.5/4.2/7.4)
Kevin Durant (25.5/8.8/5.7)
LeBron James (23.7/9.8/6.7)
Al Jefferson (21.3/9.9/1.2)

2nd team:

Apparently you can't view standings after the playoffs start so... 3rd seed, tho. Think I remember seeing 50 wins when I glanced over Corbin's slide for COY. Going to leave the rotations as is for the first round, unless I start losing. Reggie Jackson is still injured...

104-90 win against what looks like a Jeremy Lin, Lamar Odom, Ak47, Brandon Jennings core.
108-98 loss.
119-117 loss.
121-106 win.
94-87 win.
120-97 win.

Jazz win 4-2. Jackson still injured.... 7th seed sweeps 2 seed

116-77 win against a Monta, Dwight, Hibbert, Dre, Favors team.
109-89 win.
98-90 win.
107-97 win.

Jazz win 4-0. Jackson back to recovering. Set all my minutes back to the original plan. Would be hilarious if I lose because of it.

112-101 win against the surprising 8th seed led be Scola, VC, Prince, Rondo, Noel, Horford, and Danny Green.
93-88 loss.
95-88 loss.
95-80 loss.
108-101 win. Reggie Jackson injured again...
91-83 loss.

Jazz lose 4-2. Meh.

Finals is that Nuggets team against the Lawson, Lopez, MWP, Pek, Battier Heat. Heat win in 7. Ty Lawson FMVP (20.9/4.2/8.0 - 49%/45%/77%).

Weird sims.
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