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Default Re: Jerry Rice - A Football Life

Originally Posted by QUIZZLE
I'm not saying this to be a troll, to be a stan, but (I'm 23, only really saw Jerry in his Raider era) tell me why you think he's better than Randy Moss, T.O's of the world? What really set him apart?

He doesn't have the physical gifts Moss had (or TO for that matter)… He was a tireless worker & he was an excellent route runner.. Like Deion Sanders, Montana, Steve Young, and every one says in the video, All his routes looked the same. He didn't give DBs any hints… They all looked like go routes.. He didn't drop his hips or turn his head.. He made it near impossible to figure out what he was running until it was too late..

That takes incredible attention to detail.. Moss was too lazy to ever be that meticulous.. TO was a hard worker, but even he couldn't match Rice's work ethic

just watch the video.. the answers are in there
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