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Default Re: Knick just wasting time with Woodson?

Originally Posted by Clutch
Woodson isn't a championship caliber coach. If Melo requests Woody to be his coach then he can pack his suitcases and go elsewhere as well.

Maybe Melo and Woodson like each other but these two together can't go far because their style of play/coaching isn't what wins championships.

We need to get coach who'll promote ball movement and defense (without the unnecessary switching) and surround Melo with players who are able to do that.

I don't know if Melo is good enough to win as a#1 option. I KNOW FOR SURE THAT WITH WOODSON HE ISN'T.
Say what will but all coaches are defined by the talent they have to coach.

Pop wasnt a championship quality coach until Duncan....Doc wasnt either til he was gifted KG and Ray.

Dont get me started on Spoelstra.

This team is a second round at best team...thats where they've been.

Woody got them as far as they were's easy to say "this guy isnt a ship coach".

None are til they win.
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