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Default Re: Knick just wasting time with Woodson?

Originally Posted by Clutch
You have a point. But still,Woodson principles are wrong and he's too stubborn to change it even when he sees it doesn't work.

Popovich changed team's style of play to suit the players he has. That's what makes him so great. He can coach anyone.
People like Woodson or D'Antoni need to have players that perfectly fit their system in order to succeed. Popovich doesn't. He'll make the best out of what he has.

East is horrible this year and we can't even get into the playoffs. We're underachieving. Melo has never missed the playoffs in his career and if Woodson can't get him into the playoffs in this horrible conference then it's time to go.

Bobcats are in front of us and they have no players even near Melo's talent. Heck,they don't even have players that are talented as J.R. or Bargnani.
Pop only changed their style because his core got older....and they havent won since....and had the lakers got shaq and kobe on the same level the spurs wouldnt have won squat but the lockout ring.

I really dont care for either dude, but both have been successful as coaches.

The Suns were a suspension away against the Spurs team you're praising, amare and his no defense has always murked Tim Duncan and Nash was light years ahead of Tony Parker.

Point being and there's really no way to dispute it....talent wins, coaching merely takes it over the top.
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