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Default Re: More Dysfunctional: Browns or Cavs?

Browns by far.

It's not even really close.

The Browns:

Have an owner who is being investigated by the FBI
*Have an owner who is too involved in everything
Have an owner that tries to milk Cleveland for as much money as possible
Have went through too many coaches and QB's to count
*Continuously drafts busts
*Haven't won a playoff game since God knows when
Just f*cking fired their upper management after a complete debacle of a coaching search, WTF does that even mean?
Fired a lot of their scouting department immediately after last years draft. Again WTF

The Cavs:

Have an owner that continuously dumps money into the franchise and the city
*Have an owner that knows when and when not to step in
Drafting has been more or less good, not terrible. (some hits, some questionables)
Were contending for a title no too long ago
Fired their GM after a very disappointing start to the season
*Still might even make the playoffs this year

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