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Default Re: Knick just wasting time with Woodson?

Originally Posted by knickscity
I truly believe you're underestimating the old guys.
Everyone from melo to Woody JR and others have stated they miss them.
They werent just old, they were, and that helps get you through the regular season.
melo still does the Sheed "three to the dome"....kidd might have been the coach the whole season.
Now as far as the player you listed one hits the three even remotely close to Novak, and I betcha melo especially misses that space Novak created by having a man draped on him on the three point line, something bargnani has not replaced at all
hardaway might have replaced Cope...maybe.
This team has paper talent..on the court it's much worse.
I'm not underestimating the old guys. I don't know their true impact on this team. But I know if they're the reason why this team went from 54-28 (.659) to 20-32 (.385) then that basically says "Woodson doesn't know how to coach so he needs veteran guys to do it for him".

Novak was absolutely amazing two seasons ago. Last year he was meh,especially at the end of the year. He shot 42.5% from three last season,in his last 22 games he shot 39.5%. That's good but it's nothing special for a guy who can only do one thing,shoot. For example,Melo this season shoots 41.6% for three and he takes a bunch of contested ones and he's not even primarily a 3-pt shooter.

Originally Posted by Rameek
Novak barely played the last 3 months of the season. Copeland got most of the time that's why I mentioned him.

Clutch I was going to post this before but shouldnt this be Melo's team? Shouldnt he hold others accountable on the floor and in the locker room. Sorry but you talked about everyone but Melo and that doesnt fly with me.

Copeland was better than Hardaway dont even see how you can compare the 2. Copeland should have been getting minutes way before Chandler went down. I know he messed up defensively sometimes but most of the Knicks messes up except Shump generally.

And yes you usually build a team and a star develops. Or you build a team and a add a star.

Melo's averaging 27/9/3 on 45% shooting,which isn't great but it's pretty solid for a wing who takes a lot of shots. Also he's been playing the best defense of his career.
He's never missed the playoffs in his career despite playing in the West which was like a million times tougher than the East is this year.
Melo isn't the reason why we're out of the playoffs. Sure,he isn't on LeBron's or Durant's level but he's good enough to get his teams into the playoffs constantly.

The reason I didn't mention Melo is that I was comparing talents. Melo is the same Melo from last season + even better defense and rebounding.
I only mentioned players who either left or are acquired this season. That's why I didn't mention some others like Amare,Tyson,Felton...because they were here last season and they're here now.
I was just comparing talents and talent-wise this team is definitely not worse than the last year's team. They're about the same.
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