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Default Re: The Last Of Us Hype

The DLC just made me so much more hopeful for a sequel. In that 3 hour span, they did so many cool little things to characterize Ellie. The hide and seek, water gun fights etc. just made me realize how creative and pioneering ND really is.

They have to make TLoU 2. So many great possibilities too.
For instance, how about the fireflies seek revenge for Joel killing Marlene?
Tommy, Ellie and Joel go on a cross country adventure to bring back an actual cure that people found in a different state?

Heck that 20 year frame; they can easily explore more adventures of Joel (without Ellie) although that would be weird since Ellie is the best character in the game. I think having Ellie as the main protagonist is far more plausible.

Anyways, just recently played TLoU and Left Behind again, simply the best game ever created.

- Best graphics I've ever witnessed.
- The most detailed game I've ever played, even more so than Uncharted It's insane how detailed the environments really are and are consistent throughout the entire 15+ hour story mode.
- Diverse and gorgeous scenery, no chapter felt the same.
- Deep story with a lot of emotional elements.
- Perfect characterization.
- Highly rewarding if you crank up the difficulty.
- Intuitive multi-player
- Highly interrelated gameplay; just everything comes together so beautifully. The seamless transition from game to cut-scene is fluid and makes the story more realistic and dramatic.
- Some of the greatest moments in gaming history came from this game; the sniper episode, Bob's town, Winter Chapter...just intelligent writing and the freedom to either go guns blazing (or fists blazing) or stealth makes it suitable for a lot of different gamers.
- Level design was beautifully crafted; I have beaten this game 10+ times now and every play-through I go a different route. Still not sure which is the best strategy because AI actually move differently each time.

Overall, it's a game everyoe has to play. I never liked zombie games or Resident Evil (which is a very prestigious zombie title) but TLoU isn't really a zombie game. It has zombie's sure, but it feels like a very realistic (and brutal) survival game.

100/100 without a doubt. Hope Uncharted 4 can somehow manage to surpass it, I believe in ND.
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