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Default Re: Are the Bulls even trying to trade for Carmelo?

Originally Posted by Upgrayedd
The Bulls already have Taj. If it comes down to Mirotic or Melo I'll go with Melo.

Good thing it wont come down to Mirotic or Melo, because Melo isn't coming here. There was a 1 week window where Melo's drama queen ass started throwing out potential destinations. Just as the winds change, so did Carmelo's mind. He wants to stay in New York, give the Knicks a discount, and he is not just saying that for the fans.

Just like LeMarcus said he likes the Bulls, he has also changed his mind, wants to stay in Portland. Kevin Love too, he wants to go to the west coast. And guess what. What can we learn from all of this.

Mirotic wants to play for the Bulls.
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