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Default Re: 2014 NFL Draft Thread

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
The thing that made Michael Vick such a unique young player was his combination of arm strength, quickness and top-end speed. I have to say, I really don't see Manziel touching a young Vick in any of these three categories.

Vick could flick the ball 65 yards on a rope. Manziel has pretty good arm strength, but I've never seen him approach that level of arm strength.

Vick often looked like the quickest/fastest player on an NFL field. Manziel has nice quickness and speed, but I don't see him approaching that level of quickness/speed.

On top of that, Vick was 6-1, 210 pounds... Bigger, faster, stronger than Manziel.

Johnny is a unique football player which is why he's intriguing for a lot of teams and scary for many others. I have a lot of concerns, though, that probably wouldn't be so overwhelming if he were close to the freak of nature that Vick was.
Manziel is 6'0" 207 official...1 inch and 3 pounds is hardly "bigger"...and if so than Manziel is "bigger" than Russell Wilson

Anything he lacks in arm strength he makes up for in accuracy in comparison to Vick, I fully expect him to have a better passer rating his first few years than Vick as a Falcon.

Manziel also amassed more rushing yardage in college than Vick... so not sure if that extra speed means that much, Manziel is still VERY fast compared to other QBs

Unfortunately will take 3-4 years before I can say "told ya"
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