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Default Re: 2014 NFL Draft Thread

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
I favor this plan over going QB first, personally.

My personal wishlist for the first round is Sammy Watkins at 4 and then coming back and grabbing CJ Mosley at 26. I'd maybe even consider trading up to get Mosley if they don't think he'll fall to 26. I like that kid a lot and we desperately need an upgrade at ILB.

Grab the best QB available in either the second or third round. Mettenberger would be fine with me.

A Josh Gordon / Sammy Watkins / Jordan Cameron trio would cause a lot of problems.

I don't see Mosley dropping to 26 either, to be honest. If the Browns aren't getting him and maybe go QB/WR in the first, they could take a gamble on Borland in the second. He's a bit small and lacks elite coverage skills, but the guy is a house. I believe we could seriously cut into opponents rushing yardage with him aswell (but it's a passing league now, so wouldn't surprise me if he falls into the 3rd where he should be a must have).

That Watkins/Gordon/Cameron possibility does make me salivate, though. My goodness. I'm just a bit anxious the FO is gonna be afraid to not take a QB with all the 'we NEED a franchise QB finally' and just go with one of those higher rated QBs. I'm in the Bortles camp myself, if they pick one and hopefully he's there at 4.
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