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Default Re: 2014 NFL Draft Thread

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
First, I think it's important for me to clarify that I'm not saying Manziel is going to bust. I learned a long time ago not to make predictions like that, especially when it comes to football players. There are so many variables that go into making a great quarterback that we couldn't possibly know at this early stage (you included).

I didn't think Cam Newton was going to be a very good NFL quarterback, for whatever reason. Thinking back, I think I was worried about his release or accuracy issues... I don't quite remember.

But, I do remember the first time I saw him throw a pass in the NFL. I had picked him up late in my FF league and was just curious how he looked and if the gamble was worth it. I knew the first time I saw him throw the ball in the NFL that I was completely wrong and he was going to be a monster. My opinion did a complete 180 that day and I became his biggest advocate, wishing the Browns had a chance at getting him when, months before, I would have been very concerned about drafting him.

There are other examples that I feel like I ended up being right about. Most notably on this site were my very public concerns with taking Trent Richardson at 4 and my huge concerns about giving away too much to move up and get RG3. I still think I'll end up being "right" about that.

But, that day I watched Cam for the first time in the NFL changed the way I shared my own opinion on these guys. You just never know for sure until you see them play on the NFL level, and then everything you thought you knew can be swept away in a quarter if you're not careful.

In short, I've become a lot more humble with my own ability to project these guys. F#ck, I don't know how good Manziel is going to be. If the Browns take him, I hope all of my concerns are washed away as quickly as they were with Cam. I'm not looking to be "right" on my personal evaluation of these guys... just sharing them and curious for feedback.

I just don't like the comparisons with Vick or Wilson. Vick ran a freaking 4.33 at the combine. He was a freak of nature. I see Manziel as a very unique player and that's the biggest thing that scares me, probably.

It's not just his height or weight that scare me... it's the way he's built. It's one thing to be short relative to the position, like Wilson. But, Wilson has a sturdy build, compact.

Manziel is built more like a miniature version of Aaron Rogers and, considering the way he uses his feet, that scares me... the same way I was really worried about RG3's frame despite his measurables looking fine. I feel like a lot of those fears have proven pretty accurate in RG3's case.

I also worry that his on-the-fly, spontaneity may not work out as well in the NFL as it did in college. I saw a lot of running around and throwing the ball up for grabs at Texas A&M. He won't be able to play that way in the NFL.

I'm not saying he can't adapt, but it's a concern.

But, again... I'm not smug enough to dismiss the possibility that my opinion will do another 180-degree turn, as has happened in the past.

So I don't really see this as me vs. you. I see it as me having a lot of concerns about Manziel and you having less.

No one can really predict the future of any of these players... I just have a deep gut feeling about Manziel, he has a gift that absolutely can't be taught our coached IMO. The only way I can Invision Manziel being a poor player is of he battles injury his whole career which could be the case (similar to Vick)
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