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Default Re: Content with roster, Bulls stand pat at trade deadline

I get the sense from scanning through posts that many people are (partially) blinded by recent events, and their own optimism.

I LOVE how the Bulls have been playing lately, but I"m REALISTIC in recognizing that they will not win a title this year, and likely not next. Changes need to be made. The FO is too... content?... to be competitive, rather than risking competitiveness to shoot for greatness (with the obvious caveat that failing means being terrible).

Look, the league is set up where it is easy to be mediocre-to-good, but very, very hard to be great. Risks need to be taken, gambles need to pay off. But if you are unwilling to risk, or gamble, then you won't be great. This FO is too risk-averse.

I'd let them run my portfolio, but I'd rather they not run my team.
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