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Multiplayer would not work at all in this type of game, not sure why you would even want it to be honest.

I picked it up last night, ended up playing for about 4 hours. My village is currently in it's 13th year and doing pretty well. Population is in the 70s over all and I have shit loads of food. I had a food shortage about 5 years ago and lost about 10 people though and since ramping up my food production to stop it happening again I had to cut back my labourers so I'm low on logs and fire wood. Hopefully I don't get any really cold winters while I try and get my stocks back up. I also need to find out how to get foresters to actually plant a lot, I have 2 foresters set to plant but they seem to be doing nothing and I may run out of trees in my area soon. I haven't had any disasters yet either and I haven't been running long enough to see the effects of old age that some people have talked about.

Pretty fun game so far.
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