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Default Re: Are the Bulls even trying to trade for Carmelo?

Originally Posted by ljsbb27
Aaron Afflalo is not bringing the Bulls to a championship. He's a nice small piece, but he's not what we need to bring us over the hump.

Have you seen Carmelo play this year? He's playing harder than he's ever played before. It's taken a while, but I believe he's gotten to the point where he's serious about winning a championship. Melo has always had the potential to be a very good defender and he is at times he's just not consistent it with it. He actually does one of the best jobs at guarding Lebron in the league. He's also not had very good defensive coaches throughtout his career or a good defensive cast of teammates. I know his defense would improve immensely with Thibs and our system and roster.

This year he's carrying the Knicks on his back. It's not his fault they are losing these games. He continues to score almost at will, but its the other facets of his game this year that are impressing me. He's getting after it defensively, he's hustling, he's rebounding and he's doing a great job of passing out of doubles and getting his guys good looks. I've also seen him be very encouraging and talkative to teammates something he wasn't always known for.

I'm supporting going after him this offseason. I don't believe it's the only move we can make to improve but I do feel it's the most ideal one.

With that being said I still think he's leaning towards staying in NYC. He will give them a discount, but they need to do something with that money somehow to impress him because I do think there's a chance he walks if they can't bring anyone in and if he does he will consider us.

Don't see us as favorites, but I'm leaving the window open.

But again I'll reiterate I don't think its Melo or bust. We still have other options out there to improve. Our former MVP's health is the biggest upgrade we can give ourselves.

I never said just Arron Afflalo, I said 2-way playerS, as in plural.
I don't think Carmelo can bring the Bulls over the hump either without a healthy Rose.
Yes, I admit, I haven't been watching the guy who loves to dominate the ball too much lately.
Probably its just a matter of preference. Yes, I prefer hardworking 2-way players who runs hard to their sweet spots, if open, shoot, if not pass the ball to open teammates esp the entry passes at the low post. Someone who don't hesitate to do extra stuff like rebound, provide picks and DEFEND hard. etc.
But hey, you might be right. A great coach like Thibs always finds a way to make it work. I was wrong many times, including Bellinelli.

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