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Default Re: 2013-2014 Observation Deck

Weird how about a month ago it was OKC keeping me from being completely fed up and on the ledge due to my favorite teams (UNC and OKC). Now they've reversed roles as UNC continues winning while the Thunder play like shit.

Incredible game tonight in Raleigh and there was a sick one-on-one battle between Marcus Paige and T.J. Warren. Granted, they didn't guard each other or anything, but they both hit a ton of big shots down the stretch. Paige goes for 35-6-5-2 on 11/21 shooting (31 points in the second half) and goes coast-to-coast for a game winning layup with 0.9 seconds to play. Warren, after a 3/10 first half, scored 36 points on 13/25 shooting and basically answered every UNC basket down the stretch with his own basket.

Some questionable foul calls and no calls (thought Warren got away with some hooks/offensive fouls and some walks on some of his second half scores), but it is what it is. Thought the off the ball foul called on McDonald with 1.5 seconds to go in regulation and UNC up 2 was iffy, too. Thought UNC was dead in the water after falling behind by 6 with under 2 minutes to go in OT, but Paige was f***ing amazing.

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