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Default Re: 2013-2014 Observation Deck

Had something long-winded, but I'll change it up.

I don't know how often this happens to other people, as I realize I'm fortunate enough to be a fan of a team that regularly competes for a championship.

When I watched Felton at the TOC, then still a junior in high school, I felt it in my gut that he would lead the Tar Heels to a championship. It wasn't until Hansbrough's junior year when he picked the pocket of some Clemson guard near halfcourt and then dove on the loose ball in double overtime when I had the same feeling. I felt it tonight with Marcus Paige. It may not happen this year. Maybe not next season. Maybe it doesn't ever happen (had the same feeling with Kendall Marshall, although Creighton happened). But before tonight I never thought this core roster (and by that, I mean the leader: Paige) had what it takes. I now believe he does.

fwiw, I still think Sweet 16 is the ceiling this year. As great as tonight was, it showed some of the major flaws that gets you knocked out of the tournament: free throws, perimeter shooting, disappearing role players, too reliant on one player, boneheaded mistakes...

Side note: Have to give major props to TJ Warren; he's my pick for ACC POY. Saw the stat during the game and he's the leading scorer in major conferences by over 3 ppg. He's also one of the leading rebounders and thefts in the league and shoots 52% from the field while being game planned against every night. He's a really terrific basketball player.
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