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Default Re: Philadelphia Eagles Offseason/Draft/Free Agency News

Cooper means more to Philly/Chip than he would to another team. He's an elite blocker at WR. Remember when he had 8 catches/93 yards through the first 5 games last year? Chip refused to look for a replacement because of what he brought as a blocker. It sounds stupid for another team, but Chip puts such a strong value on that. Brent Celek as well. Ertz and Casey are much better receivers, but Celek keeps getting snaps because of what he's become as a blocker.

Another reason why it's likely Maclin moves to the slot. 2 small receivers on the outside isn't doing anything for Shady when he bounces East/West.

Speaking on Maclin, reports today are the Eagles want to sign him to a multi-year deal (at a discount) but he prefers a 1 year "show me" year for a big pay day next year. Sounds like they're headed for a 1 year deal.
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