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Default Re: Is Derozan as good as Bosh was?

Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7
Major disagreement. Playoff play during his Raptor career indicates that he's neither of these things.

Re Bosh

Hard to specifically argue only in context of the Raps when he was here.

He didnt have many clutch playoff games to impress period. As a young player he wanted the ball, took the offensive pressure and I recall a lot of hustle - played hurt - tried to will the teams to win in the "last season stretch" where we blew the playoff and ended handing it over to the Bulls.

I mean you are correct about his "playoff performance" as a Raptor but then the body of work is so small we really arent talking about anything. I think we only made the playoffs 2 seasons when Bosh was here 2006/2007. Further as the roster appears we may not have had the talent to be there consistently anyway. Turk, ONeal, Barges, Calderon... ummm really ?

I wasnt arguing he was Dirk or Duncan. Just that he was willing to be clutch - be accountable.

My "general observation" was he was a great player - but comparing Derozan to Bosh is comparing apples to oranges. Different players in different roles in different positions.

The more logical comparisson to make is : Is Derozan at this point on this Raptors team as good as Vince was at the same point in time when he was a Raptor...

Also not easy to say exactly. Vince had AD, Oakly, TMac all of who were at one time all stars if not those specific seasons. Derozan has Klow, Val and Amir.. none of which are all stars (yet?). I think Vince was better but I would not jump on a guy for making an arguement the other way based on the comparable roster talents.

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