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Default Re: Is Derozan as good as Bosh was?

Originally Posted by Prodigy
Sometimes he is on and it's fun to watch but there are times where he isn't and aside from Vasquez, he is the Raptor's only REAL penetrating offensive threat. With his athleticism I feel like Demar could get to the line more than he is right now. His ball handling has improved greatly from seasons past (could still improve some though).

Kyle is pretty good at penetration too.

I agree with you that DeMar can get to the line more. He just came off his best month at getting to the line. I feel like next season, his goal should be getting to line about 10 times a game. Asking for too much, but I do think he has that ability. His all-star reputation will also get him some recognition for favourable calls.

Originally Posted by Jballer
I mean you are correct about his "playoff performance" as a Raptor but then the body of work is so small we really arent talking about anything. I think we only made the playoffs 2 seasons when Bosh was here 2006/2007. Further as the roster appears we may not have had the talent to be there consistently anyway. Turk, ONeal, Barges, Calderon... ummm really ?

Also TJ Ford and Anthony Parker. I think those guys are really underrated for what they did. I remember when Ford was the guy who was making the big buckets down the stretch for our first playoff win since Game 6 vs the Sixers back in 2001. Parker during the 07 season was so huge for us, especially when he missed time we were caught in losing games without him.

Also not easy to say exactly. Vince had AD, Oakly, TMac all of who were at one time all stars if not those specific seasons. Derozan has Klow, Val and Amir.. none of which are all stars (yet?). I think Vince was better but I would not jump on a guy for making an arguement the other way based on the comparable roster talents.

Well, to me Kyle Lowry is an all-star. I think every logical NBA fan sees this. Even the website analysts knew this:

Even the players knew this:

Nobody can convince me that Joe freaking Johnson was an all-star in 2014. He got it because of rep and some bone head coaches decided to give it to him over Kyle in 1 or 2 votes.

Now, as for potential players becoming all-stars ? Depends on guys like Terrence and Jonas. I think Terrence has become a better player than Jonas this season since being inserted into the lineup. He's better on defense and his versatility on offense makes him much more of a threat.
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