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Default Re: My top 10 favorite video games of all time

OK, I'm going to try. I know I'm going to end up feeling like I left something out, and probably change my mind 73 times by next week, but oh well. Impact plays a big role in my criteria, so I might choose the first game in a series over superior game later in the series, but there are lots of other factors.

Mario Bros. NES

I had played video games occasionally but they didn't really do anything for me. Then I played this and something clicked in my brain and I haven't looked back. The game that made me a gamer.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic X-box/PC (played on both)

My favorite RPG ever. I hope they make a third one some day so we can get some answers regarding what happened when the protagonist from the second game goes after Revan(one of the coolest Star Wars characters ever BTW) from the first game.

Advance Wars GBA

Easy to learn, difficult to master turn-based strategy game. Had so much fun taking on friends, and hatching plans to win. There was always a lot of anticipation waiting for your next turn to see what everyone else had done, how many units you may or may not have lost, etc. Fog of war, bitches!

Goldeneye 007 N64

I hadn't really cared for first-person shooters when I saw some friends playing this, so I passed on joining them. But the graphics were sick and my friends insisted, so I tried it. Fell in love with that damn game. As far as split-screen multiplayer goes it doesn't get much better.

Resident Evil 4 GC/PC/PS2

This shit kept me on the edge of my seat the entire damn time. I've owned it on the GC, PC, and PS2 now.

Gran Turismo PS1

I was so into this game I used to take the manual to work with me to read during breaks. The game that turned me into a racing game fiend. Graphics were mind-blowing at the time. The only flaw was how the cars didn't take damage but that didn't matter to me since I approached it like a "pure" racer where you're trying to avoid bashing into people and shit anyway.

Metroid Prime GC

One of the most immersive games I've ever experienced. Part platformer, part FPS, with some of the best art design ever, an awesome soundtrack, and tons of cool places to explore. This game gave me "feels"...hard to describe.

Grand Theft Auto 4 PC

I've always liked the GTA games for just dicking around, but this is the first one where I wanted to do more than just that. Now I gotta go back and play San Andreas since that's just sitting in my closet.

Half Life 2 PC

Best single-player pure FPS ever? I think so. I can still play this game today and be wowed by it. The dystopian future, the graphics, the narrative, the characters, the sound...everything. When you're running around waging guerrilla warfare against those big ass tripod robots, launching laser-guided missiles at them before ducking back down behind damn.

Madden 2004 PS2

This was the last Madden before they introduced the "hit stick." Part of the reason why this makes my list is because, well, it's Madden, and because I poured more hours into this one than any of the others. Actually played through 20 years in the franchise mode, playing every single game and managing my team with a level of OCD that probably should have put me on medication.

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