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Default Re: Is Derozan as good as Bosh was?

In my mind, accomplishments are everything. And 3 playoff wins in 7 years is nothing to call home about.

About Bosh specificially, as an individual player absolutely he's better than Derozan. He was the better ISO guy as has been said, and at times he was more clutch with the game on the line. BUT, people tend to overlook or just plain forget all those times we'd dump in into him with the game on the line and he'd miss the shot, make a bad pass that turns into a turnover, get stripped, or fumble the ball. He was very frustrating to watch in that way. Yes it was in part because of how heavily we depended on him but it was just as much because he couldnt be counted on to be that #1 option on a legit playoff team.

Derozan isn't that guy either but yet i'd prefer him on a team like our current one and think the balance is taking us places we haven't been before. And if we win a round with him on our roster, both him and Lowry will have proven themselves more than Bosh ever did.
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