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Default Re: Is Derozan as good as Bosh was?

Where is the lack of talent and which position ?

PG ? It's our deepest (don't know why we need 5 PG's), Lowry and Vasquez are a good combo. De Colo might be a surprise, he can play SG as can Vasquez.

SG ? DeRozan and Ross, but since DeRozan is an all star and is currently 3rd in the league mpg, he doesn't really need a full-time back up and Ross can move to SF. Salmons can get some time here too.

SF ? Ross has a good job, while undersized. Salmons can defend 3 positions, but taking his age and contract into account, he's probably just rental and the Raps will shop for someone else.

PF ? Probably our strongest position in terms of overall productivity on both ends. Amir, Patterson, and Tyler all give their best here. All 3 can play C too.

C ? Jonas is definitely developing, but he will need a more legitimate back up than Hayes. Especially if Jonas is having confidence problems.

This all equals to the Toronto Raptors being the only Eastern Conference team to rank both Top 10 in offense (10th) and defense (7th).

Maybe it's the "superstar" talent were lacking, but then again, we would have draft, trade, or sign someone for that. If it's just positional needs, we probably need a more legit SF and C at the backup positions. Other than that, I think veterans have done a good job helping out our young core of DeMar, Jonas, and Ross.

Infact, only 2 players are over 30+ years old on this team (Salmons and Hayes), so I can see younger talent coming over and DeMar has to share the load. But I don't see how that's a problem for him and fall back to a complimentary role. Like I said before, he's reading defenses, driving and kicking, not forcing shots, not turning it over, etc... at a fantastic rate. His passing has clearly been the most improved version of his game IMO and it has helped him have his best season, along with Lowry and Ross to having their best season and vice versa.

Today's game against the Warriors showed one of the better games he's had this season, playing both sides of the floor well, while doing all of what I just stated.

The Brandon Knight comparison really doesn't make too much sense since it's his 3rd year in the league, he has already moved to another bad team, while having a negative impact on both offense and defense. It's true that DeMar came into the league very raw and his impact wasn't very sound early on, but he did eventually improve his overall game. I don't see Knight ever having the same type of impact while having similar teammates.
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