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Default Re: Is Derozan as good as Bosh was?

Originally Posted by kmart
After reading your post I can't help but to give Colangelo credit (even though his admitted tank sucked). The core of this team is still young and will many years together. Hopefully they can keep Lowry in the offseason.

Well, I would give credit to BC and Masai. Masai helped put the pieces together (by accident, really, since he wanted to initially tear this team apart). BC's negatives is why he ultimately failed despite having the pieces that are blossoming today:

-Trading TJ Ford, Rasho Nesterovic, and the rights to Roy Hibbert for Jermaine O'Neal and the rights to Nathan Jawai.

-Signing Hedo Turkuglo to the contract.

-Keeping Bargnani for 7 years and not trading him away sooner.

-Trading for Rudy Gay and his massive contract.

-Also, while Jose Calderon was good for us, his defense and ball stopping were also not a plus and I feel he should have been packaged sooner.

So really, Masai trading away 2 negative for a positive in the bench and picks has really set this team back on course to another winning season.

Originally Posted by RapsFan
This 'talent' wouldn't even make the playoffs in the West. We've been through this before guys! We made a run in a horrid East, re-signed people, gave extensions to coaches and GMs and it was all a mirage. I hope that's not the case this year but forgive me if I'm not jumping up and down.

I understand that you have your doubts. Many Raptor fans do, falling back to some cliche, negative statements like "fool's gold" and "treadmill team". But really, even Masai recognizes that the East is weak and has stated that he won't sacrifice anything for anything short sighted.

You're listing the SF position with the name Ross and Salmons like it's some sort of strength and PF because they try hard. Effort is great don't get me wrong, but a lot of our key guys are playing a role they shouldn't be. Meaning, Amir would be an unreal 3rd big (backing up both 4 and 5).

You don't think Ross is a strength at SF ? He's has clearly been the best wing defender (done a great job on guys like Paul George twice, Kevin Durant, Arron Afflalo, Kyrie Irving, etc...) for the Raptors since being inserted into the starting lineup, while giving just under 13ppg for a guy who hasn't even been assigned 3rd or 4th option role. He has been playing better than Jonas since being put in the starting line up. Most would agree that he's the X-factor to our offense, his 3 point shooting is also very good, over 40%.

Salmons has back problems right now, but when he's locked in he can give you defense as well, plus he can create and hit jump shots and layups. Like I said before, were lacking SIZE at the SF spot, but it's certainly not a weakness, it's definitely a strength. I also forgot to mention, DeMar can swing over and guard SF's as well, he's done a couple of times this season.

PF's don't just try hard, they give the results. Amir is very underrated on the team because his stats don't look great. His defense, setting screens, and overall energy contributes to a lot of this team's success. I do agree that we might need to look for a more ideal low post scoring threat that can also play defense, since that's what the Raptors lack the most on this team. Could Amir be a good back up ? Yes, I think it would be ideal, but he's done well as a starter too. He does it all at a very acceptable effort.
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