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Default Re: the new Bucs logo/helmet

I hate the shoulders and that orange color is so noticeable. I like when they used the orange as very subtle piping on the pants, numbers and ends of the sleeves. It was a unique enough contrast to red/pewter but not overbearing. That was tasteful, not big spiked stripes of a color right on the front

The red jerseys are much better than the whites as that dumbass number font looks way more passable being in white rather than looking like an alarm clock (read that on another forum but spot on).

Fckin Nike is making me nervous for the future of how the NFL looks on the field. I prefer more classic uniforms for professional football. That being said, I think the teams with 'boring' uniforms - DAL, WSH, NYG, SF, GB, KC, etc. could stand for minor tweakings and still not have it be far removed from being a 'classic' look true to the team's heritage.

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