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Originally Posted by outbreak
My first town just lasted 24 years and had a population of around 110 before everyone started dieing of starvation. I ran out of firewood and while making more of that my food supply (which had always been really high) dropped. Also had a bunch of fisherman drown all within the same short time period which I though was odd. Really becomes a challenge when something goes wrong and people keep dieing due to lack of food yet you are running out of people to get the food you need.
I'm reaching 25 years now but I have bumped up population slowly, 50+ so far, so my town can still have food surplus in its stockpile.

You have to make sure you have enough variety of food sources so you will have ones when others don't produce well in some years.

Also firewood is a lot more important than I thought; sustainable and having great value at trade. You can survive for years making loads of firewood with a trading post around alone.
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