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Default Re: My top 10 favorite video games of all time

Originally Posted by Spaulding
Wow big console gamer. I got my list down to 10 easily just by remembering what games you got most gameplay hours of and how many menorable moments you have. also another criteria was "are you able to pickup this game now and beat it" if the answer is "yes" you go from there.

Having an honorable mentions list was nice. Few games I wanted there.

Seems you're a big console fan! Only console I never owned was an SNES so I missed a lot of those. But I eventually leaned towards PC gaming, now that I am older I lean towards console, weird huh.

Man, KOTOR...wish I played that game when it came out...hear so much praise, alas the game is too old now for me to enjoy it due to having not played it long ago.

That's how I arrived at the games that were on my list. Some of them I haven't played in years, but the joy of playing those titles for countless hours and hours is still fresh. I can still pick up 'most' of those titles right now and enjoy them just as I did then. Others haven't withstood the test of time so well, mainly the early 3d era games(n64,saturn,ps1) who are hampered by shoddy 3d analog controls, bad camera, and muddly, blocky polygonal graphics( of course, I'm saying this in retrospect). I'm a huge fan of 2d games, which IMO have held up really well over the years, which is why the majority of rpgs,fighters and platformers from the 16 bit era are still immensely enjoyable for me. I can pick up Street Fighter II turbo or Alpha and have an enjoyable romp right now, but a more 'technically' advanced and newer game like the original Tekken is simply a chore to play and an eyesore.

You owe yourself a playthrough of Star Wars KOTOR if you're even a moderate fan of the source material, or rpgs. Fantastic game from start to finish...if you have a 360 pick up a cheap copy off amazon( it's also available on i-devices and from what I've heard, it's a decent port even with touch screen controls)....

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