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Default Re: Getting a Ps4 soon, Recommend me some games please!

Originally Posted by outbreak
If you haven't already played tomb raider or ac their good. Otherwise resogun is the only other game worth playing on ps4 right now.this year's 2k is the first time I've not played it religiously. The gameplay is good but myplayers scripting made it a turd
I'm not joking when I say this, but I sold 2k after 1 day. I was soooo mad at that game. Myplayer is garbage. It takes nearly an hour to get into your first nba game... Couldn't skip the cutscenes. Just an overall bad experience to me. Likely never buy another 2k, and I've owned every single one since 08 (before that I was live).

Assflag is a must imo. I spent around 15 hours just driving the ship around and destroying ships. The naval combat, once you are accustomed is great, and it is a truly beautiful game visually speaking.

I would not recommend freedom cry however. It is short, and adewale is just not imo a good main character. I haven't completed it yet, at about 70% I believe. Therefore the season pass to me would be useless as all I got was freedom cry, and tbh never liked the ass creed multi.

Tomb raider if you didnt play it on last gen is a game you should get. The story is exactly the same, but the visuals are much improved.

Resogun is super simple, but is one of those addictive games, and just a lot of fun imo. Think it is still free with plus.

Any way you go there are lots of games to play. Don't starve is a neat little game, warhawk Is tons of fun, and injustice is a fighter if you're into that.

Oh and have you seen infamous? You bought a ps4 when I wish I would have. Wouldn't have suffered as much of a drought. Infamous this month, along with metal gear solid 5 ground zeroes (basically a prologue, buyer be ware thus one is short). Next month I think dying light is slated for rwlease, basically an urban dead island, and in may we FINALLY get watchdogs.

After that the calender is pretty bare to my knowledge, until holiday season.
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