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Default Re: Getting a Ps4 soon, Recommend me some games please!

Originally Posted by outbreak
If you haven't already played tomb raider or ac their good. Otherwise resogun is the only other game worth playing on ps4 right now.this year's 2k is the first time I've not played it religiously. The gameplay is good but myplayers scripting made it a turd
And it's super frustrating this year. It feels so scripted the games. Havent played it in a week or two.

I have FIFA, 2K and BF and my sis has AC so I might start playing that. Only other AC I've played is AC II but dont really care about BH, Revelations or III. BF isnt as good as I heard from reviews. FIFA is probably the best game on PS4. So much fun with friends or online if you dont know much about soccer.

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