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Originally Posted by Zombles
No, and they're not really that close either.

They need a big. Kristic can't do it by himself. Marcus Williams helps backup Kidd quite a bit, but there's no proven sub for Jefferson or Carter yet. Antoine Wright averaged 1.8 points last year. He's got a lot to prove.

They have no depth for their wingmen, no power forward, and no depth for their bigs.

Kidd has also begun his decline, he'll stay good for a couple more years in all probability, but the window of opportunity is closing.
If you have JKidd, Vc, who is a dominant scorer whether you like it or not, and a developing big who is on the verge of an all-star season whether you like it or not, you have a shot, period. The Nets are in the conversation for best starting lineup in the league, whether you like it or not. Depth is the key, they have depth, they contend, period....
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