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Default Next years raptors

I am loving the season and hope for a division title and first round playoff win. All would be great towards building for the future. This is not a now team, but performing well now and developing an excellent culture has really helped set the stage for future years.
Continuity is a key element to the raps improving. The re-signing of Lowry is a must. This would be my raptors wish list for this season off season.

Re-sign lowry at 4 years and 40 million. Give Vaz the qualifying offer and that gives you two good point guards.
As much as I think he has really helped, Buy out Salmons for 1 mill and if it works for both parties, sign him for 2 years at 2.5 mill per year. If it doesn't work out you have a younger, more athletic version of him in Fields. Fields is pretty much untradeable, and I really think that his character and professionalism is overlooked.

Re-sign Patrick Patterson.
Essentially, standing pat is the right move and wait for Fields and Hayes and Hansbrough and Amir to come off the books at the end of next year and make a splash in free-agency in 2015. If you love those guys you sign them over the cap and pay the tax. I'm thinking that Amir would be that guy and maybe fields on a discounted price, if he can get consistent rotation minutes next year and become a piece to the future off the bench.

Summer of 2015 could look like this.
lowry, Vaz Drafted perimeter player, best player available
Derozen, Fields
Ross, Fields, Novak
amir Patterson,
Val Drafted center Star free-agent, or package draft picks and a player for a star. That
knicks pick could prove very valuable. Ideally, a combo forward would be ideal. Somebody who could play the 4-5. Or somebody who could play the three/four. Amir and Patterson as your first two posts off the bench on a contending team would be solid. As long as the new starter could play some center.

Lowry, Vaz Drafted point guard and Byucks
derozen, Fields Stone
Ross Fields Novak Salmons? or draft pick wing or Free-agent wing
Amir, Patterson, Hansbrough
Val, Hayes Free-agent center or drafted center

What are your thoughts on draft picks? I am also quite intrigued about our future Knicks draft pick. Bargnani is the gift that might keep on giving.
If Derozen can maintain all-star status and lowry can keep doing what he has done this year. The key to getting into championship status is huge growth/ allstar status from either Ross/ Val or both. If one of them can emerge as an all-star then the future is looking very bright. Val must become a defensive force, which is still a few years in coming. Add to that a possible free-agent piece in 2015 and solid, smart drafting and this young raptors team could become a perennial contender.

They will need some luck and big jumps from Ross and Val, but if the stars align, raps could be emerging just as Miami and Indiana's window closes.

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