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Default Re: Getting a Ps4 soon, Recommend me some games please!

Originally Posted by Shade8780
And it's super frustrating this year. It feels so scripted the games. Havent played it in a week or two.

I have FIFA, 2K and BF and my sis has AC so I might start playing that. Only other AC I've played is AC II but dont really care about BH, Revelations or III. BF isnt as good as I heard from reviews. FIFA is probably the best game on PS4. So much fun with friends or online if you dont know much about soccer.
I bought an xbox first been playing the shit out of ryse forza dead rising and the titanfall beta a couple weeks ago. Launches this week so I'm pumped for that. Don't see the point in buying a ps4 yet as infamous doesn't look great to me. I'll be buying one once games come out for it though.
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