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Default Re: Chicago Bulls need better shooters

Originally Posted by Crystallas
Unless we have injury depth issues or create garbage time, Jimmer wont play until he demonstrates that he understands where to be on the floor in Thibs playbook. We'll see him play a lot of minutes here and there, just not until Thibs thinks he's ready. Not any of the fans, not if Jimmer thinks he's ready, but if and when Thibadeau is ready.
I understand that. Very good coaches usually have that mindset, their teams are very disciplined and precised etc. Phil Jax refused to play any rookies during his time etc but I just wonder tho if Thibs would have preferred a "veteran". Somebody whose been on the NBA floor for atleast 7 + years etc. I could be mistaken but Mike James got to play right away...then again like you mentioned, it was a depth issue. Heck even Tony Snell probably would'nt play if Deng didn't get traded but like what the title of the thread, Bulls NEED better shooters, Jimmer provides that and it's not like he's a very weak defender.....
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